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How many calories are in the Syrian pulp and does it cause weight gain?


calories in syrian pulp

Many people like to eat the Syrian pulp in front of the TV, but they do not know the number of calories in the Syrian pulp, although it contains nutritional value, but it should not be too much because it leads to weight gain.

Knowing the calories of the Syrian pulp
Motkhaloon website shows how many calories are in the Syrian pulp, which are:

The Syrian pulp contains a small number of calories, as there are 145 calories in 28 grams of the Syrian pulp.
It is the only pulp that has a large percentage of fiber that makes you satiate quickly.

It contains omega-3 acids and helps to fill the body’s metabolism.

The Syrian pulp helps burn fats in the human body.
Is the Syrian pulp gain weight?
After knowing the number of calories in the Syrian pulp, we make it clear that eating in moderate quantities helps:

Feeling full for a long time You can eat the pulp as the basis of a snack, which leads to eating small amounts of food for the rest of the day.
In this pulp there are fats, protein and dietary fiber, which leads to satiety.
It helps preserve muscle mass, as there is scientific evidence confirming that eating a lot of Syrian pulp increases the percentage of muscle being formed, which leads to burning fat.

The benefits of the Syrian pulp
After making sure that the number of calories in the Syrian pulp does not lead to weight gain when eaten in moderate quantities because it contains several benefits, including:

Reduce the incidence of various infections because this pulp contains vitamin E and several different groups of flavonoids.
The Syrian pulp helps to preserve the cells in the body from damage.
The Syrian pulp works to strengthen the heart and reduce the level of fat and cholesterol, and in the case of high blood pressure, it helps to reduce it.
When there is constipation, it helps reduce constipation and helps treat it.
The Syrian pulp in turn fights all different diseases and thus helps to strengthen the immune system in the human body.
The Syrian pulp works to strengthen the health of the digestive system, providing the energy that the human body wants.
How to include sour pulp in your diet
There are some recipes that help you include Syrian pulp in your food, including:

After knowing the number of calories in the Syrian pulp, you can eat its seeds, whether raw or roasted, and eat them as a meal.
When eating the salad, you can add the seeds of the Syrian pulp.
With nuts, you can put the seeds of the Syrian pulp.
That you add the seeds of the Syrian pulp to the vegetables.
You should use sunflower oil when cooking food.
You can add the seeds of the Syrian pulp with yogurt and oats.
It is better not to eat more than a quarter cup of Syrian pulp seeds only without the peel because the peel contains many calories.
Side effects when eating Syrian pulp
Although it has many benefits, it also has side effects such as:

There are many people who are allergic to Syrian pulp.
If you eat a lot of pulp and peels, it may lead to problems in the esophagus because of difficulty in digestion.
It may lead to accumulation in the stool when eating a lot of Syrian pulp with the peel.
The benefits of the Syrian pulp for diet
It has many benefits including:

It contains unsaturated fats because 75% of the calories in the Syrian pulp come from fat.
These fats are healthy, but do not lead to satiety because they do not contain cholesterol, and the percentage that helps satiety is very small.

It contains fats that help lose weight and this is confirmed by internal medicine, which helps to fill the stomach and thus reduce food intake. The pulp of the fence helps in rapid digestion.

Selenium is available in the Syrian pulp, as the seed in the Syrian pulp is 22 micrograms, and this helps to maintain the thyroid gland.
Selenium helps to burn fat and calories, so you should eat it in moderate quantities in order to maintain the thyroid gland and to avoid weight gain.
It contains natural antioxidants because the Syrian pulp contains chlorogenic acid that the body can receive quickly, and this acid helps treat infections.
If you put the seeds of the Syrian pulp with green coffee lead to weight loss.
Chlorogenic acid lowers the level of sugar in the blood.
The way to eat the Syrian pulp for the diet in correct steps
You must follow these steps to help you eat the Syrian pulp in correct ways:

If you suffer from cholesterol or you are studying and want something that helps strengthen memory, you should eat the Syrian pulp because it helps treat cholesterol and gives energy.
But if you are overweight and want to lose weight, you must eat the Syrian pulp, but in certain quantities because it contains calories and when eaten in large quantities leads to weight gain.
Many doctors who want to lose weight advise that they eat the Syrian pulp without salt.
You can take it as an extra meal with other meals because it helps fill your stomach and has many benefits.
The Syrian pulp gives you energy and many elements, and it contains omega-3 that helps lower triglycerides.
Many nutritionists advise obese patients to eat Syrian pulp continuously and in small quantities.

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