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Deleted video recovery software


Deleted video recovery program , many need to recover deleted files from their devices, so the search for the most powerful and best program to recover deleted files begins, and there are many programs and applications that can be adopted in this area, but we will provide you through a different site the most powerful program Recover deleted videos in this article.

Best Deleted Video Recovery Software for Android:

The mobile phones and smart devices that we carry are full of many photos and videos that preserve the most beautiful moments and memories that we live in, in addition to videos and photos that have a special place in the hearts of all people, and some people may delete the videos by mistake, which makes them start searching About the best program to recover deleted videos completely.

Diskdigger photo recovery application to recover deleted files:

An application that is used to recover photos and videos that are deleted from the memory card or the internal phone memory of the device, as the photos and videos are subject to deletion either by mistake or when reformatting the memory card, so there must be programs and applications that help restore the files that are Delete it from the device and retrieve it again, and this application is one of the most prominent applications in this field
How to use Diskdigger photo recovery app to get your deleted file back:
Download and install the program on your Android mobile
Open the program so that you can enter its main interface
Deleted video recovery software is different
Press the start basic photo scan icon to search for photos that have been deleted from your phone for recovery
Deleted video recovery software is different
You will then see the photos and videos that you deleted from your device
You will choose the photos you want to return to the phone
Click on the recovery icon after you have finished selecting the photos until they are restored, and then choose the location you want to save
Deleted video recovery software is different
deleted video recovery program:

One of the most popular programs and applications in order to recover videos that are deleted from the phone by mistake. This application also supports iOS devices, iPhone and Android systems, and it can be downloaded from Google Play or Apple Store for free, and it does not occupy much space. The phone’s storage space is only eight megabytes.

Dumpster deleted video recovery software

The mechanism of this application is very easy when you want to recover deleted files, whether they are photos or videos, as the way it works is similar to the work of the Recycle Bin on Windows, which means that what is deleted will be saved in this application after downloading and installing it on your device, so do not Dear user, worry if you delete some files by mistake
Explanation of how to use the Dumpster app:
Download and install Dumpster deleted video recovery software on your phone as a first step
The main interface of the program will appear
Deleted video recovery software is different
Click on the option to try the new version
Deleted video recovery software is different
A message will appear asking you if you want to allow the application to go to the photos and files on your device, and you will press the Allow button
Deleted video recovery software is different
You will see a set of options at the bottom of the next page, you will click on the “Advanced search” option
Choose the files you want to recover, whether images, videos or audio files, by clicking on the appropriate option at the top of the page
Deleted video recovery software is different
Click on the image, video or audio that you want to recover until you see the option to restore
Deleted video recovery software is different
When you follow the previous steps and use the full Dumpster deleted video recovery program, you will no longer worry if you delete some files by mistake, or if you need to reformat the device again
Dr Fone:
One of the most prominent programs that have been created to recover the largest amount of data, as there are two versions of it, one for the computer to recover files from Android phones and the other for iPhone phones, so it is considered the best program to recover deleted videos at the present time, but the program is very expensive for many as it is not available Free to use
Advantages of Dr Fone:
This program did not become famous and has great popularity out of the blue, but behind all that are many features and advantages that have attracted a large number of users to it, and these advantages are:
The program supports most popular mobile phone systems such as Huawei, apple, Samsung, etc., as well as tablets such as the iPad
It says a complete scan of your phone memory in order to find deleted and lost files, whether they are videos or photos
Through this program, you can also retrieve the names and messages that you have deleted
How to use dr fone deleted video recovery software :
Go to the official website of the program in order to download it to your mobile phone or computer
Click on the program icon after installing it to show you its main interface
Deleted video recovery software is different
By clicking on the Restore option, you can restore the photos in the gallery or contacts, in addition to audio files and others
Deleted video recovery software is different
After choosing the type of file you want to recover, click on the Next button
Deleted video recovery software is different
Wait for a while until the process of recovering deleted files is finished
iSkysoft iphone data recovery software:
A special program to recover files and data that are deleted from Apple phones running the iOS system, as it is considered one of the professional programs in this field due to its enormous ability to retrieve a large number of files through a variety of ways depending on the condition of the device you are carrying, and the program also provides a feature to repair all Problems facing your device through the feature “fix ios to normal”, through which you can fix the problems of your device
Ways to recover deleted files with iSkysoft iphone data recovery:
The first option available is to return the files that were deleted directly from the iPhone, and this is done by connecting your device or iPad with your personal computer, running the program, and then choosing the option to recover files from iOS devices
The second method is to restore what was deleted through the backup that was previously saved on your device on iTunes
You can recover deleted files through iCloud backup, where you can take advantage of this option when you save a backup copy of files on iCloud.

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